Wellness in the workplace
With Maria Pandolfo
Maria Pandolfo

Maria is a Navy Veteran that has been practicing yoga for 12 years. Her fitness journey started with cross country running and has progressed through many different styles of exerting the body to its maximum potential. From Olympic lifting, Body Building, Cycling, HIIT, Aerial Silks, Hiking, Dance, and Rock Climbing with the only true constant being yoga. She knows that yoga compliments every type of workout by syncing mind-body awareness. She has completed her 200-hour teacher training and is eager to help other athletes find the same balance.

Maria believes health is a holistic practice – meaning the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. Yoga gives the opportunity to not only align the body after tough workouts but also to bring attention to the mind and spirit to bring longevity to every fitness routine.


It’s a well known fact that happy and healthy employees are more productive, requiring less time off and increasing the overall success of a company.

In addition to increasing productivity, here are more reasons why a yoga program will add value to your workplace:

Improve health

Yoga is a healthy activity that boosts the immune system and can improve health

Improve MORALE

Practicing yoga releases dopamine and serotonin which can improve mood


Practicing yoga as a group encourages community and improves bonding


We have various class options to choose from for your wellness program. While we encourage long-term options, we offer short-term and trial options to see if the fit is right for your company.


The perfect option for those who are looking for options to add to their wellness program.


The perfect program for those who want to add a once-a-week yoga routine as part of their wellness program.


The twice-weekly option for those dedicated to an in-depth dive into wellness with yoga as an integral part of your program.

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