EARTH DAY – APRIL 22, 2023
How many times have you been hiking and wondered what the name of that beautiful flower was? Or what plant is producing that wonderful aroma? Now is the time to ask those questions, and get answers!

Join us this Earth Day, April 22, 2023, for an educational and enjoyable hike as we learn about the local flora we often encounter in San Diego while on hikes. Learn what species are native, and which are invasive…and why that matters.

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve
Blue Sky is a wild 700-acre reserve that is great for hiking and viewing the myriad of wild plants, animal species, and more. This biodiverse area is great for learning all about plants!

We will hike approximately 2 miles (could be less depending on how long we learn about plants we encounter on the trails) out and back while taking in the wonderful scenery and learning about the local flora. Expect to hike for a full 2 hours on an easy trail often shaded under Riparian Oak forests.

A $10-20 donation is kindly appreciated for this event.
25% of each donation will be donated to Friends of Blue Sky Canyon, a non-profit that helps keep the reserve open to the public, and more.

Hannah is enthusiastic about plants and loves to share her wealth of knowledge to any and all who lend an ear.

Our hike guide, Hannah Drever, will point out and educate hikers on the names of various and diverse flora, whether they are local or invasive, and much, much, more! Hannah has been studying Herbalism for the past 3 years obtaining her degree from Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene, OR, and Sage County Herbs School of Botanical Studies in San Diego.