Camp Bum
Brand Ambassadors


A Camp Bum Brand Ambassador is an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about nature and enjoying an adventurous lifestyle.

If you’re passionate about getting outdoors, protecting nature, and do your part to help minimize the effects of climate change, then we invite you to apply. We’re an adventure-loving group that lives by the mantra “Embrace the Trail.” Whatever the trail throws at us, we embrace it and keep charging. We respect nature, wildlife, and are stewards of our open spaces. Join us and help make a difference.  


In addition to being part of an active and engaged outdoor community, you will receive:

• Exclusive FREE SHIPPING on all Camp Bum items in the shop – all the time
• Pro-Deals on selected camping gear from name brands
• Exposure and features on our social media platforms
• Access our ambassadors only group
• Priority access to events and campouts


Camp Bum Brand Ambassadors represent the brand and help spread the message of nature and preservation, as well as:

• Encourage others to join you in your outdoor adventures
• Respect nature and practice Leave No Trace
• Tag us in your posts and feature @campbum
• Share Camp Bum content to inspire others
• Join our events