Camp Bum is a family owned and operated brand from San Diego, CA who’s mission is to get people outdoors and into nature. Camp Bum came to life in 2016 as a way to connect like-minded people together who are passionate about nature and the outdoors. Camp Bum founders enjoyed an active and outdoor focused lifestyle and were adamant about not letting having children keep them from the outdoors and a life of adventure. While this idea seems commonplace nowadays, it was hard to find a group of likeminded individuals to enjoy camping events and road trips with. The most common excuses were out of fear of annoying others with their children’s noises and rambunctiousness however, being parents ourselves, we realized these fears were unimportant and needed to be squashed. The outdoors are especially for children to explore and learn about, so we set out to create a community where all are welcome to get outside and enjoy nature.


A common question asked is why? Why spend so much time into spreading this nature message? Climate change. We all know that climate change is one of the biggest problems our youngest generations will inherit and we’re looking for solutions. We believe that by getting people interested in being active outdoors we can really bring the climate change message home loud and clear while offering real solutions everyone can adopt into their everyday lifestyles. Enjoying the outdoors is just the introduction into a lifestyle of conservation and a step in the right direction to help curb climate change effects.


Camp Bum also sells adventure inspired apparel and offers monthly subscription crates packed with camp gear and foods from the best brands around. Our members enjoy members-only full moon hikes plus have access to discounts from great outdoor brands, and more. We encourage charitable giving and practice what we preach by donation a portion of our profits to outdoor oriented charities.


Since our launch, we’ve now hosted over 10 full moon hikes since our launch and continue to encourage and promote outdoor activity. Our online shop has great apparel and designs with nature in mind meaning we strive to use products that leave a minimal impact and do good for our environment. We also donate to charitable causes who’s efforts aim to help cleanup our environment.

Camp Bum has given back in more ways than we anticipated and we are grateful. Our children are able to connect with new friends, enjoy healthy activity, and see how being passionate about a cause can create real change. We’ve made numerous connections and friends with so many wonderful individuals in our community and continue to be encouraged to move forward with our message and mission.

We look forward to more great things to come for Camp Bum and invite you to join us on our journey.


Camp Bum Full Moon Hikes

Camp Bum Full Moon Hikes are fun for all ages and a great way to enjoy San Diego after dark. Get details on our next Full Moon Hike and ensure your spot by signing up to our Events Newsletter today!



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